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Lugol’s Modified Sodium Iodine


Lugol’s Modified Sodium Iodine

1 fluid oz. 890 mcg Iodine in 1/2 drop

Ingredients: water, sodium iodine, granular iodine (2%).

For use as a dietary supplement: Take up to 1/2 drop per day. Put 1 drop in a glass of water and drink half of it. Or take according to the direction of your health care practitioner.

Warning: If you have adverse reactions or other symptoms, discontinue use of product and seek advice from a qualified health care professional. This product is not intended for individuals who are deficient in iodine. DO NOT USE IF ALLERGIC TO IODINE. If you are allergic to shellfish, chances are you are allergic to Iodine.

For use as food sanitizer: Pour water into a container or sink and add enough Lugol’s to give it a light golden tint. Completely submerge produce for 1 or more minutes. Agitate food well. Rinsing is optional. Do not save the water for later use. It will lose its potency and color. Add more Lugol’s once the water turns clear. Keep away from children.