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North Pole Speaker


8 Ohm .25 W 57 mm Round

North Pole Speaker

Speakers are not rated for polarity in the catalogs. When searching for North Pole Speakers, we had to order many 8 Ohm 3 Watt 2 1/4″ speakers from several suppliers just to see if any had a North Face. After finding one type, we had to order and test them to make sure they were consistently North in polarity, as described in the books by Hulda Clark. This hard-to-find electronic part is used to build a DIY Food Zappicator or a Pet Zappicator. Each North Pole Speaker has a 4-inch lead soldered to the positive (+) input for easily connecting to a 1000 Hz Hulda Clark Zapper or breadboard. Dr. Clark’s step-by-step instructions are at

Every speaker we send out has been tested just before shipment. Magnets can change if they are dropped or put near other magnets. To test a speaker’s polarity simply pass a compass in front of the speaker to see if the N is attracted to the speaker’s face. If it is, you have what Dr. Hulda Clark calls a North Pole Speaker. Check it this way once a week in case it ever changes polarity.

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We can not offer refunds or replacements on electronic parts.